About us

Crime and conflict harm people, communities, teams and relationships.


We provide restorative solutions.

An external specialist can guide firms and people towards a restorative solution.


Restorative philosophy sees crime and conflict as more than breaking rules: it is about harm done to people, teams, and communities. 


We facilitate a process where the person who caused harm takes responsibility and seeks to make it right, and the people harmed have voice, agency, and an opportunity to be made whole.

Allen Peabody, consultant & trainer


Principal, Restorative Solutions & Consulting

Allen has a longstanding passion for conflict intervention, with a focus on restorative justice.  He has practiced in Greater Vancouver, Victoria, and the Cowichan Valley.  

In addition to his consulting work, Allen volunteers as Caseworker Manager for Cowichan Restorative Justice Society, where he works cases, trains other caseworkers, and liaises with local police and prosecutors.  He is also a certified provincial trainer for CJF, and an experienced corporate trainer and business manager.

Allen earned his JD (Law) at the University of Victoria, including training in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and client communication.  He also serves as chair of the Canadian Bar Association of BC’s Restorative Justice Committee, and sits on the Bar Association’s Provincial Council.

Allen and his roster of affiliated professionals will fashion the solutions that are right for your organization


Juris Doctor (law), University of Victoria, B.C. Canada

B.A. (business & philosophy), Vancouver Island University

Certifications, Credentials, and Additional Training:

  • Building a Trauma-Informed Organization, Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • Gladue Principles: Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian Criminal Justice System, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Restorative Justice in Education, Capilano University
  • Community Justice Forum Instructor, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Restorative Justice and Mediation, ADR Institute of British Columbia
  • Indigenous Studies: Awareness; Peoples and Cultures; Communication and Consultation, Indigenous Awareness Canada
  • Restorative Justice Caseworker Training, Restorative Justice Victoria
  • Sexualized Violence and Restorative Justice, Restorative Justice Victoria

Our Affiliates

Diploma in Social Work, Mount Royal University


Past member, Alberta College of Social Workers


Certificates and Credentials

Circle Training, The Way of the Council

Stronger Connections with Youth, Circle Salt Spring

     Education Society

Restorative Justice in Education , Capilano University

Building Trauma Informed Restorative Schools,

     Restorative Justice on the Rise

Building and Sustaining Restorative Justice in Education,

     Restorative Justice on the Rise

Community Group Conferencing, Restorative Justice on

     the Rise

Facilitator and Mentor Training, Central Okanagan

     Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice and Victim-Offender Conferencing,

     Restorative Justice Victoria

Community Justice Forum Facilitation, Royal Canadian

     Mounted Police

Collaboration and Capacity Building in Restorative Justice

     and Victim Services, Restorative justice Victoria

Carmen Hildebrand, consultant

Affiliate, Restorative Solutions & Consulting

With a background in social work and not-for-profit management, Carmen Hildebrand has practiced restorative justice since 2005.  

She is part of the case team at Cowichan Restorative Justice, both as a trainer and facilitator, with a particular passion for client mentoring, Circle Dialogue process, and Restorative Justice in Education (RJE).

Carmen also brings her passion for restorative solutions to her not-for-profit consulting services.  Her expertise lies in strategic planning, program development, project coordination, and capacity-building.

We contract with other skilled affiliates

to meet your specific needs.

Our clients have said,

Thorough and professional

“Allen was a thorough and professional trainer, with solid material and great presentation skills!”


“The training course was excellent! Restorative justice is such a beneficial way to repair harm and support healing”

Positive social change

“Every member of the community who is interested in positive social change should take this course!  Informative and well-instructed”


“This course was well worth the time and investment”


“Super thorough and professional material and presentation”


“Wonderful training for individuals who are interested in learning about the RJ community’s practices”

We are privileged to live on the traditional and unceded territories of the Quw’utsun’ Peoples.

We believe in equity and human dignity, and celebrate all gender identities, expressions, and sexual orientations.

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