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In addition to our flagship course, Restorative Justice: Modern Skills & Solutions, we provide a menu of courses you can "mix and match" to suit your organization's needs.

We created these courses and consultations in the context of our primary area of expertise, restorative justice (and similar social services).


Participants will learn the latest theory, ethics and skills to advance their knowledge and effectiveness

Clients can select any combination of the following modules for team training or organizational consulting.

Restorative Justice Practice

  • Community Justice Forum restorative justice model, placed in the context of other models.  Every RJ model has its advantages and having a broader knowledge enables you to meet the unique needs of each client and case.
  • Restorative Justice’s history and its place in our criminal justice and dispute resolution systems.
  • Restorative Justice theory and foundational principles
  • Analyses contrasting retributive and restorative justice, and offender- and victim-centered approaches
  • Criminal sentencing, Gladue principles
  • Restorative justice law, regulation and ethics
  • Client mentoring in RJ practice
  • Practice standards, professionalism
  • Approaches to reparation and reintegration

Social Theory & Skills

  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Cultural competency and safety
  • Mentoring & interviewing techniques
  • Anti-racism, anti-bias
  • Cultural competency and cultural safety in restorative justice services.
  • Anti-bias and anti-racism theory and skills.
  • Trauma theory, and how to support clients in a trauma-informed manner.
  • Affect theory, and responding to emotions, fear, stigma and shame in restorative justice meetings.
  • And much more.

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