Restorative Justice Training

We offer a comprehensive menu of training in restorative justice law, theory and skills.  

  • Our flagship course, Restorative Justice:  Modern Skills & Solutions delivers end-to-end theory and skills to get your newest people ready for practice, and to take your experienced practitioners to the next level.
  • Or, select from our menu of courses and topics to create a mix of learning appropriate to your organization’s unique needs.
Included in our flagship course (or stand-alone on request) are numerous social theory and skills essential for providing high-quality service in restorative justice and related fields, such as:
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Trauma theory, and how to support clients in a trauma-informed manner.
  • Affect theory, and responding to emotions, fear, stigma and shame in restorative justice meetings.
  • Cultural competency and safety
  • Client mentoring & interviewing techniques
  • Cultural competency and safety
  • Anti-bias and anti-racism theory and skills

And much more.


Restorative Solutions & Interventions

We specialize in conflict where one party or organization has harmed another, and the responsible party is willing to own their misconduct and make it right.


A restorative approach offers numerous benefits including:

  • Discretion: a private process rather than the public forum of legal proceedings
  • Cost: significant savings in legal fees and other costs
  • Time: restorative processes can move swiftly — with resolutions achieved in weeks, saving months or years compared to other recourses
  • Control: we collaborate with clients on a customized process to suit each case’s unique needs

We will analyze your internal or external conflict and collaborate on a customized intervention and solution.

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Dispute Arbitration

Coming soon: commercial and private arbitration services by a Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb) registered with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutes of British Columbia (ADRBC) and Canada (ADRIC)

Restorative Consulting

If you are a restorative justice provider, we can help you to

  • build productive relationships with police, federal and provincial prosecutors, and community
  • optimize your case management process
  • audit legal, regulatory and ethical compliance
  • conduct program reviews and risk assessments
  • develop policies and practice standards to protect your clients and teams, and enhance your organization’s credibility
  • and more…

Every organization has its areas of concern.  Drawing from our broad and comprehensive expertise in restorative justice, we can help your program meet its fullest potential. 

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Have questions? We are always open to talk about your organization, and how we can help you.

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